The Chicago Underwriting Association Board 2020-2021


Join us for the first conference of 2020!

We are offering a impressive array of medical professionals to present on a variety of topics you are underwriting today.

Our Spring Conference includes Medical Directors, a Pharmacist and a Vice President of Underwriting Marketing as well as time to network with your peers.

Please come out on Thursday, March 5th to the Allstate Campus, Northbrook for our 2020 Spring Conference.

Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks in additional to great speakers!

Some things to think about:  Social Outing ideas,  becoming a Board Member in 2020 and underwriting topics for future conferences.

We will see you on March 5th!

board titles 2019

President – Jeannine DuPlessis, Fidelity Life

Vice President – Rachel Eberle, Munich Re

Treasurer – Debra Drayton, Legal & General

Secretary – Kona Bahr, Northwestern Mutual

Membership – Val Munchez-van der Wagt, Allstate

Board Member-at-Large – Nick Milinovich, Northwestern Mutual

Past President – Mark Lounds, Munich Re

We look forward to continuing to make the CUA a valuable association for our members.   Our next meeting is March 5th 2020 at the Allstate Campus in Northbrook,IL



  1. I enjoyed the Conference yesterday. It was very informative! I was wondering if I could get a copy of the Power Point presentation from Dr. Anthony Norelli regarding Opioids? There was so much information he provided. It was very interesting! Thanks, Stephanie Fischer, American Family Life Insurance. My email is


  2. I would greatly appreciate your help. For my history master’s thesis I wrote about the murder of one of your board members in 1923. He was Richard Carl Tesmer. Actually, his employer was named the Chicago Board of Underwriters. I am expanding the information I acquired into a book. I have learned that was an underwriter for approximately three years when he was killed. He worked with J D Weese, assistant manager. I would appreciate any information on the Board and on Mr. Tesmer. If you have materials there that I could look through, I will be happy to arrange an appointment to see them. Thank you so much.

    sami long


    1. Hi Sami – Our organization just recently adopted the name (d/b/a) The Chicago Underwriters Association, in 2016. We are a professional group of Life and Health Insurance underwriters. Our registered name is The Chicago Home Office Life and Health Underwriters Association. I believe the organization you are looking for is distinct from ours and are not involved in insurance. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Val Munchez-van der Wagt,


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